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 The Setting

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PostSubject: The Setting   The Setting EmptyWed Apr 30, 2014 5:02 pm

The goal of this RP forum is to allow non-fans of One Piece to be able to enjoy roleplaying as a pirate with inhuman abilities. Therefore, you DO NOT need to or have knowledge of the ins and outs of One Piece.

Basically, One Piece: New Horizon will take place within the One Piece Universe, but at the same time in a universe all of its own. The universe and how it is shaped is for the members to decide. Existing One Piece locations can be used, however the main characters of One Piece should not be adopted into this forum for various reasons.

Within each RP location there is an empty ocean of opportunities for members to create their own islands and adventures. The only thing you need to know is that there are pirates and marines and they don't really get along. There are also Devil Fruits, which are essentially how people can achieve inhuman abilities (the essence of One Piece).

There are three categories of Devil Fruits: Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan. Paramecia fruits affect the body directly, the environment, or produce substances. For example the Gum-Gum Fruit causes the consumer to become a rubberman. The Bomb-Bomb Fruit allows the consumer to explode any limb of their body and produce them as well.

Logia types are generally the strongest. They are elemental type fruits that literally allows the user to turn their body into that element. For example, the Fire-Fire Fruit allows the user to produce fire, and to break their body into fire allowing them to avoid being hit.

Zoan types are the transformation type fruits that allow the user to transform into a certain animal. Usually the name of the fruit will be the class of the animal followed by the model or the actual species. For example: Ox-Ox Fruit, Model Bison, which allows the user to turn into a Bison. Zoan types can turn into three stages: User's Natural form, a fully transformed stage, and a hybrid form which is harder to achieve.

All of the Devil Fruits have weaknesses of their own, like Lightning cannot attack or harm rubber. But in common, all Fruit Users cannot swim, in fact when they are thrown into the sea, they sink like a hammer. The water steals them of their strength and the use of their Devil Fruit powers. The Marines also have a special type of stone called Seaprism stone which acts like the sea in solid form, allowing them to apprehend Devil Fruit Users.

There are many other things to One Piece, but it's best to explore those through RPing with watchers of the show, or doing some research yourself. But overall, the main goal for most Pirates is to go into the Grandline and find the One Piece, which is rumoured to be a massive treasure and he who finds it will be named King of the Pirates.
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The Setting
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