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 Jason "Blade" Armra

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Name: Jason "Blade" Armra

Age: 17

Species: Human

Allegiance: Looking for one

Bounty: N/A

Occupation: Duelist, Dueling arena owner

Home Village/Ocean: Havon City on Havon Island, North Blue
Havon City is the only civilization on Havon Island, as it's small, and has plenty of farms, forests, and mines outside the city.

Appearance: Blade stands at a height of 5'3", weighing at 148 pounds. He has straight, short blond hair, bright green eyes, and not a hair on his face.

He wears a red headband, a black long coat with gold trim, a white long sleeve shirt underneath, Kiddo on his back, dark red pants, and a pair of sturdy brown boots.

Personality: Blade is overconfident and wild, but rightfully so. He loves fighting, and is remarkable at it. He's rude and speaks his mind without any second thought. Very energetic and will never back down from a challenge, so long as it was a physical challenge and not a mental one. He isn't very bright and often attempts to make a mockery of anything he doesn't understand.

History: Jason never looked up to his parents. All his life he was taken care of by his sister Jamie, and his non-blood brother Samuel Garrtos. He doesn't have a memory of when his father wasn't drunk and abusive. Nor any memory of his mother at all, as she left to the seas to become a pirate when Jason was only 3 and a half years old.

Jason loved to fight from a young age. Whether it be a challenge with wooden swords, or starting a fist fight with someone he didn't like. In any time he were injured, Samuel would look after him. He was told by Jamie and Samuel that he should stop getting into trouble, but his father only encouraged it. Not that any of this mattered to him. He wanted to become strong.

During a pirate invasion, Jason, only 13 years old, took a red katana from a dead victim, and alone fended off two pirates. Once the invasion was fended off, an old unnamed man said that he could train Jason to become even stronger, that his swordsmanship was too wild and unbalanced. For two years, Jason lived with this man and trained day and night, adopting many styles with ease from the selection of weapons the old man owned. Jason begged to train at least once with each weapon, and he got that chance. However, on the last day of training, the old man passed away.

Jason reunites with Samuel, discovering that he'd become a doctor. This made him laugh, telling Sam that he'd better be ready to treat the ones he defeats. He hasn't seen his sister or father anywhere, though. Jason opens up a dueling arena in the old man's training room, fighting the few challengers that dared. He earned the nickname "Blade" from his remarkable skill.

Of course, there will always be those sore losers. One gang in particular had lost a four vs one match against Jason. To get their revenge, they would set up an ambush for him. They had someone tell Jason that they had seen his sister somewhere in the forest. Without thinking about the situation, he rushed out to rescue her. She was nowhere to be found. Seven men, calling themselves the Cleaners Gang, came out of hiding. They brandished an assortment of weapons. Chains, knives, and one with a flintlock pistol. Jason smiled. Never had the chance to fight seven at once, and never against a gun. It took quite the effort to put them down, but he managed to do so without killing. He didn't see them as enough of a threat. He felt someone watching, but as he turned, he saw only a lion-like cape. He liked the way it looked, and he put it on without wondering what it was and why it was there.

After a few days of searching for his sister, Samuel found Jason and explained that it was just a set-up. "If trickery is the only way I'm going to get a good challenge here, then I'll leave to seek better ones." Jason said as they returned to the city. Jason was awoken at night, finding a lion sitting next to him. He panicked, but heard the rumble of it's belly. He left the room to get some food and Samuel. "Looks a lot like the cape you're wearing. Could it be devil fruit..?" Samuel asked. Jason laughed. "Devil fruit? Pretty sure there's no such thing as food that gives you superpowers. Why is there a lion in my house?" He asked as he fed it. Samuel shrugged and left. The lion returned to cape form. Jason became angry, knowing that he was wrong.

The next day, Jason decides to leave the island. There's no challenge or purpose in Havon. He packs up all his things, and uses all his money to buy a small boat, some food, and a map. He begs Samuel to come with him, but Samuel refuses. As he sets off to sea, he decides to name his lion Kiddo. He realizes that he's forgotten many weapons but it's already too late.

Devil Fruit: None

Learned Techniques:
Quick Drawing - Capable of switching weapons faster than the usual trained fighter.
Strike: Finishing - Used when Blade believes he's winning a fight. Using his hooked blade, he snatches his scimitar and swings the linked blades full length at the opponents neck. This attack alone has the percision to cut or chop what Blade wills, or nothing at all if he chooses.

Weapons/Items: A red 3' long katana, 'Crimson', tied at the waist, right side. A scimitar with a notched guard, "Bilge" and a shortsword with a large hook at the tip, "Snatch". Both sheathed at his left, Bilge below Snatch.

Goals: To find purpose for his power and skill.


Type: Long cape

Cape form: A lightish brown color, with a brighter fluffy mane to go over the shoulders of the wearer. It has a lion tail that hangs from near the bottom of the cape.
Lion form: Like an adult lion, larger than average.

Personality: Towards Blade, Kiddo acts like a cute cuddly kitty. Towards anyone else who isn't a threat, he's quiet and keeps away. Towards any threat though, he's vicious and bloodthirsty.

Devil Fruit: Cat-Cat Fruit Model Lion
Type: Zoan
Effect: Allows the user to transform into a lion, or a hybrid form.

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Jason "Blade" Armra
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