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 Rowen Belmont

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Rowen Belmont

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PostSubject: Rowen Belmont    Rowen Belmont  EmptySat May 03, 2014 10:38 pm

Name: Rowen Belmont "Lionheart"

Age: 21

Species: Human

Allegiance: Pirate (No Crew)

Bounty: To come

Occupation: Swashbuckler, and Aspiring Captain

Home Village/Ocean: Grande Riviera - Grandline

Appearance: Rowen is 6' and weighs 195lbs he has dark red hair of long length pulled back into a ponytail with a few bits that hang in front of his face, he is clean shaven. He has strong, ruggedly handsome features, and light green eyes. Rowen is well muscled, and lithe from work, and training with his blades. His skin tone is slightly olive, like he has a strong tan without actually being tanned. His body is covered with various tattoos, the most notable being a black tribal like tattoo depicting a dragon on his back that crawls over his left shoulder into the middle of his chest. The tattoo also goes down the length of his left arm.

He wears a long white leather coat with gold embroidery that's slightly tattered from travel, with a black button up shirt on underneath that. He wears black pants, and dark brown leather boots. His right shoulder is protected by a white metal pauldron, and he has a crimson shoulder cape covering his left side, that covers his entire left arm, and is much longer at the back, hanging a few inches above the bottom of his long coat, which is about a foot off the ground. The sword is mounted on his back with its handle over his right shoulder and with the straps across his chest under his coat and he has a black blade katana mounted on his left side under the shoulder cape. He also has criss-crossed leather belts with holsters on each hip holding his revolvers.

Personality: Rowen is free-spirited, and generally never stays in one place for very long due to the fact he probably stole something, or has done some other pirate-y deed. He has a tendency to go off on whims, and always go with his gut instinct rather than thinking the situation over.
He is known to be narcissistic, and cocky and as such Rowen usually makes an enemy or five wherever he goes. He is very loyal to his friends, and is known to have very violent outbursts when people near and dear to his heart are injured.  

History: He and his little sister Serenity were raised solely by their mother in Grande Riviera in the Grandline, as their father was an infamous pirate. It was safer this way, but that didn't stop Rowen from meeting with his father every so often and learning how to fight, and the pirate ways. He was taught how to fight with a whip sword, and a revolver as his father has. And was also rigorously trained in traditional samurai techniques, as well as some ninja training because of his natural ability for acrobatics. however, long before he completed his training his father stopped meeting him in the bay where he would hide his ship. Rowen still travelled there during the scheduled times, but was always met with the empty bay. He still continued his training, but it was very limited to just practicing what he already knew and the random fights he would get into all the time.

Despite this, he still hoped his father was alive and well somewhere with good reason as to why he can't come home. He began trying to work legitimate jobs to help support his sister, and his mother. He worked in a circus as a sharpshooter, and his mom worked too, as an acrobatic dancer, and as a whip master. He began to practice with her so that he could participate in her act to earn more money, but none of this panned out. Due to some unforeseen problems between the Ringmaster and his mother, they were both thrown out of the circus after a few short months. When they got back home, Serenity was missing. He asked his mother what happened, and after she explained it to him. He broke. He went back to the circus and found the Ringmaster with Serenity in a cage. He killed the Ringmaster on the spot, and took Serenity home. He told his mother what he did, and she became very cross with him. She told him that he had to leave immediately, and showed him a chest with a bunch of his father's belongings. He geared himself up, donned his blade, twin revolvers, and was given his mother's combat whip before she told him to run.

He ran from town arriving at the cabin by the bay where his father would moor his ship during the seasons in which he was home. He decided after a few days, that he couldn't hide forever, and that he will take up his father's mantle and become a pirate captain, but first, he requires a ship...and a crew...

Devil Fruit: -
Type: -
Effect: -

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Storm Slash: With one lightning fast and skillful stroke he unleashes a powerful blow capable of slicing through almost anything with ease.
Gun Kata: Draws both revolvers and enters a deep concentration, dodging incoming projectiles with ease, and returning fire lightning fast with surgical precision.
Lotus Dance: Unleashes a flurry of lashes from his whip sword

Weapons/Items: He uses a single sabre styled whip sword with a straight blade rather than curved. It has a golden handle with an eagle motif, with the guard modeled after an eagle's spread wings and the pommel an eagle talon. The twin revolvers also share this engraved eagle motif, being white and gold in colour with the handles seemingly being outstretched eagle talons, and the miniature stylized wings coming off each side of the guns. A single black bladed katana, with a golden and squared hand guard, with red wraps on the handle. The hilt is modeled like an eagle talon holding an emerald.

Goals: To accrue his very own ship, and sail the blue in search of glory, booty, and to find his little sister.
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Rowen Belmont
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