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 Michel Delos

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PostSubject: Michel Delos   Michel Delos EmptyFri May 02, 2014 11:29 pm

Name: Michel Delos

Age: 19

Species: Human

Allegiance: Blue Guard (Town Militia)

Bounty: N/A

Occupation: Sniper, Inventor, Fencer

Home Village/Ocean: Iris Island, Town of Orly, North Blue

Appearance: Michel has jet-black curly hair with ringlets around his ears and the back of his neck. His hair is usually a mess and covers most of his forehead and sides of his face, just below his ears. He has thick eyebrows but small brown eyes, however his gaze is usually lazy but observant. The rest of his face is average, except that he has a smaller jaw and mouth. Michel has an average body that shows the affects of his sword training with slight muscles along his chest and arms. He has tanned white skin and averages around 6’4” and weights around 145 lbs, skinny and underweight for his height.

For clothing, Michel wears the Blue Guard uniform but a little stylized. He wears brown leather boots that go up to his shins, blue faded cloth pants, and a worn white cloth undershirt. Over top his shirt he wears a blue dyed leather jacket with hardened leather armour plates on his right shoulder and elbow. Michel also has a brown leather belt strapped around his waist that holds his sword’s scabbard, his pistol’s holster, his dagger’s scabbard, and a few pouches full of various things. Draped along his left shoulder, Michel wears a blue faded cloak that covers the left side of his body. Finally, Michel wears a tanned colour capitano hat with a black feather.

Personality: Michel is a follower and not really a leader in any sense of the word. He tries to think for himself but never follows through with any of his ideas or desires because his ideas always become extravagant and wild. Michel always does what he is told and never tries to question authority, even though it may not be pretty. He can never think of anything else he could do because of his outlandish ideas. Michel sometimes gets lost in his thoughts from time to time and begins talking to himself, unaware that he is doing it. But above all of his flaws, Michel has can be described as a loyal and honourable man and fighter. He is loyal to whomever he is serving, but he won’t allow himself to dishonour anybody in or outside of combat.

Michel does, however, love to spar and practice his marksmanship, along with creating new types of musket balls and other tools he may utilize in the future.

History: Michel is the only child of Sarah and Keith Delos. Together with Keith’s brother, Tevon, they all lived in the town of Orly. Keith worked as a local fisherman with Tevon, while Sarah took care of Michel and the house. Whenever Keith and Tevon came back from a fishing trip, Tevon would usually teach Michel how to fence, fire pistols, and even how to sail, while Michel’s father would tell Michel stories of adventurous pirates, heroic marines and even a king who gave his life to save his country. Michel loved these stories and learning from his uncle, which spawned a great number of ideas and thoughts to spawn through his mind, causing mass confusion in his educational learning.

Eventually when Michel was only 10 years old, Tevon departed from Orly and set out to become an adventurer like in the stories and seek adventure. Michel wished he could go with him and dreamt constantly about traveling the oceans and finding his Uncle again. This all changed when Tevon was only 12 years old and pirates landed on the shores of Orly and viciously attacked the town. Two of the pirates broke into Michel’s home and slaughtered his parents right in front of him. Michel clung to the cold bodies of his parents till the next morning when the local militia, the Blue Guard, came and rescued the boy, telling him that they were able to kill the pirates and sink there ship for what they did to the town.

From then on, Michel grew up with the Blue Guard, learning their way of life and training more in rapier and musket fighting styles. Since the militia was self-employed, the soldiers occasionally had to collect taxes from the locals to fund the protection of the town. Michel was skeptical at first of some of the methods the soldiers would use to collect money, but Michel knew that the town needed the Blue Guard and the Blue Guard needed the money.

Learned Techniques:

  1. Une épée, en ligne droite (One Sword: Straight Line): Michel stabs his rapier toward his enemy with great speed and strength that he is able to cut through iron and even steel. If the attack connects, he quickly withdraws his blade, making a quick cut and backing off.

Weapons/Items: Strapped to the left side of his belt, Michel carries his trusty rapier. The hilt of his rapier has a swirling design as its guard and a flat steel pommel. Its blade is a double-edged 39-inch long thin steel blade with a small groove down the middle of the blade.

Strapped on the back of his belt he carries a parrying dagger that he uses along with his rapier. The parrying dagger is nothing special, just a steel blade with a t-shaped hilt.

Michel’s flintlock pistol is a standard (stolen) Marine pistol strapped to right side of his belt. Occasionally, Michel will carry around his carbine flintlock musket, which is shorter than a traditional musket.

In Michel’s pouches he holds a number of items: Musket balls (lead, iron), several powder flasks filled with black powder, and a whetstone.

Goals: Simply to protect his hometown from pirates and follow his boss’ orders. Previous goal was to travel the seas like his Uncle Tevon went and did.
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Michel Delos
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